Please note: I no longer offer bbbj


The girlfriend Experience (GFE)

Incall/Outcall (Montreal center) :

30 min : 200$

60 min (1h) : 300$

90 min : 450$

120 min (2h) : 600$

Extra hour past 2 : 250$

Outcall (Montreal surroundings) : to be negotiated according to distance

Socializing : 150$/h

What does GFE entails?

The porn star Experience (PSE) / Kink

Incall/Outcall (Montreal center) :

30 min : 250$

60 min (1h) : 350$

90 min : 525$

120 min (2h) : 700$

Extra hour past 2 : 250$

Outcall (Montreal surroundings) : to be negotiated according to distance.

I will expect you to know my 

Full list of kink

Candlelit Table

Dinner Date

CAD $800

  • 1H Drinks

  • 2H Dinner

  • 2H Intimacy GFE Incall or Outcall

Spa day

CAD $1000

  • 4H Spa Date

(at the spa of your liking. My favourites: BotaBota & Strøm)

  • 2H Dinner

  • 2H Intimacy GFE Incall or Outcall

Spa Facilities

Summertime Fun! (24H)

CAD $2000​

  • Summertime makes me come alive! I love having some marine fun on a yacht, I would also love to show you a kidlike fun at the waterpark! I also enjoy putting on my most scantily clad bathing suit and sunbathing (as little as I do tan ;P) on the beach with a nice ice-cold beer or margarita. Then again, why choose?! 

  • Dinner

  • Overnight

  • Brunch

**Minimally 6-8 hours of sleep**

Weekend & Travel

To be discussed...

Adventure calls to me and I am always up for a journey. I will be the ideal companion to accompany you on a weekend getaway someplace sunny and tropical, a little cabin lost in the mountains, or... a sensual resort or cruise! (My favourites: Hedonism II, Temptation and Desire cruise)

My manners translate worldly and sophisticated in a distinguished environment and I would love to go on an erotic adventure, but I will gladly put on a flannel shirt and merino thighs to go skiing or hiking...

Please inquire and we will discuss an appropriate donation.


BDSM Workshop

  • Impact play

  • Bondage

  • Introduction to suspension

  • Edge play for experienced Doms

150$ / 60 min solo workshop

100$ / person / 60 min group workshop

Available incall and outcall


I am open to monthly agreements with regulars that already have earned my deep affection.

Open agreement : 1 000$ / month

I will see you once a week guaranteed and we are not on a fixed clock, 60 - 150 minutes every time. I will however see other clients during that month.

Exclusive agreement : 11 000$ / month

We can see each other as many times as we like within my usual schedule. I will NOT see other clients during that month.

*N.B. Personnal life remains personnal, both yours and mine. I will not ask inappropriate informations or meetings and I expect you to do the same.