Meet my friends

Three is never a crowd and more is always better!! I absolutely love to mingle and have fun in a group. My current duo parteners are hand picked people with whom I have a great connection and am genuinely attracted to them in the most sensual and intense of ways. They are my friends and dear to my heart so I want us to share our pleasure with them!!


This bubbly firecracker always make me smile. Be it for kink or a sweet sensual escape, we just match so well together. If you see us togeter, you'll realize I can't keep my hands off her!!

The curve of this girl's buttocks charmed me from a distance and her heart and quirkiness enthralled me up close... They will do the same with you, of that I am certain!!

Body of a greek sculpture and a heart of pure gold, this girl has a knack to make people feel good... get the ultimate pampering package with the both of us!


Ever wondered how submissive I can be? Get us together in a room and you'll see how she takes control of my pain and pleasure with ease. Together we're the ultimate kinky experience!